15 h 15 – 16 h 30 | De Hogeweyk, le Village Alzheimer aux Pays-Bas : une approche intégrée dans les soins de la démence
(conférence en anglais)


Eloy Van Hal
Eloy Van HalConsultant sénior et fondateur de De Hogeweyk, Pays-Bas

Notes biographiques

Eloy van Hal has worked in healthcare since 1997. Eloy is one of the founders of De Hogeweyk. Now world wide known as the Dementia Village in the Netherlands. From 2002 – 2015 he has worked for Vivium Care group as the facility manager and the project manager for the construction and operation of De Hogeweyk. He is now senior consultant and founder of the Hogeweyk care concept at Be. Be is a new department of the Vivium Care group. Be informs, guides and counsels other organizations, world wide, about De Hogeweyk concept to improve quality of life for elderly living with dementia. Be supports organizations to learn from the findings of De Hogeweyk concept, and supports them to make a concept themselves. Since 2010 Eloy is also the owner of his own consultancy firm and he advises several national and international healthcare facilities and firms. Eloy studied Consumers Sciences at the Wageningen University, and Facility Management at the Academy Zuyd



The Hogeweyk has become well known over the world as the Dementia Village. But what is it? De Hogeweyk is the outcome of an integral Care Concept for people living with a severe dementia that guarantees a life where living, wellbeing and health are equally important. With the focus on a normal life. The care concept is based on 6 pillars. On the basis of the 6 pillars the concept will be explained.


Objectifs de la conférence

  • Overview of De Hogeweyk, a long-term care facility for people living with a severe dementia

  • Explanation of the integral care concept for people living with severe dementia

  • Focus on quality of life, positive health in a social and relational model